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My name is Liz Simmons, and I’m a singer, guitarist, and songwriter, primarily with the award-winning American folk/roots group Low Lily. I’ve been singing and playing folk music in its various forms since I was small, and have been performing in bands since I started on a professional musical journey more than a decade ago. After recording my first solo album in 2006, I promptly decided I preferred to work in a collaboration with others rather than perform and arrange solo. Finally, after many years (and many bands, and many albums with said bands) the creative impulse has struck me again to create a second solo album! There have been several songs and arrangements percolating in my brain for awhile, and now I have a full collection of original songs, co-writes, and covers. I have assembled a team of guest musicians whom I adore: Flynn Cohen, Gabe Bradshaw, Nicole Zuraitis, Dunia Best, Andy Hall, Hannah Sanders, Corey DiMario, Greg Liszt, and more.

I invite you to help fund this project and show your support by pre-ordering, and you will be the first to receive the album! Also please be sure to check out the additional Perks, such as the super fan bundle, a song written for you or a loved one, the Skype lesson, and the house concert. 

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